Published by Ibrahim Shammaz

What is Inkscape?

Inkscape is a free and open-source vector graphics editor used to create vector images, primarily in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format. Other formats can be imported and exported. Inkscape can render primitive vector shapes (e.g. rectangles, ellipses, polygons, arcs, spirals, stars and 3D boxes) and text. These objects may be filled with solid colors, patterns, radial or linear color gradients and their borders may be stroked, both with adjustable transparency. Embedding and optional tracing of raster graphics is also supported, enabling the editor to create vector graphics from photos and other raster sources.Created shapes can be further manipulated with transformations, such as moving, rotating, scaling and skewing.

And Inkscape is alternate to ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR,SKETCH,etc…

Why Inkscape?

Inkscape is a great free program for creating vectors (scalable graphics that won't blur when you resize them). It's so good, in fact, that it's a serious alternative to premium tools like Adobe Illustrator.

Free vector illustration software Inkscape is compatible with SVG format, but can also important EPS, PostScript, JPG, PNG, BMP or TIP images and export PNG or other vector-based formats. Inkscape provides several tools and various shapes, paths, text, markers, clones, transparency effects (alpha),transformations, gradients, patterns and groups. Inkscape also supports Creative Commons metadata, node editing, layers, complex path operations, bitmap tracing, path-based texts, circumfluent object text, direct XML editing and much more.

What makes Inkscape better than Adobe Illustrate?

Lets face it: most designers and illustrators are equipped with Adobe Illustrator ,so we need someway to tell them how much they need Inkscape as well as Illustrator and that Illustrator alone isn't as powerful as both.
To do this, we need to point out:

    llustrators weaker points:
  • gradients have no transparency
  • pen tool's control split over different tools
    Inkscape's strengths:
  • easier to learn and faster to use
  • SVG-compatible, saves to a format Illustrator understands much better bitmap tracing

    Features of Inkscape:

  • Drawing, Shape, Calligraphy, Pencil and Pen Tools
  • Path Simplification with Variable Threshold
  • Bitmap Tracing
  • Boolean operations
  • File Formats
  • Grouping Objects
  • Layers
  • Node Alignment and distribution
  • Text support
  • text to
  • transformations
  • Node editing
  • Node Movement
  • Object manipulation
  • Object Creation
  • Z-Order operations
  • “As you drag” rendering of objects during interactive transformations
  • How to Install Inkscape:

    Install and setup Inkscape on Windows :

    1. Open any web browser and search for

    2. Scroll down to the download button and click it.

    3. Scroll down to the windows text below and click it.

    4. Now choose between 32-bit windows version and 64-bit windows version.

    5. Choose first Option “Installer in .exe format”

    6. Now it will be downloading will be begin own it’s own

    7. Open the file (which is downloaded)

    8. Click “next” until it shows install (might be 2 or 3 times).

    9. Now click “install” (installation going on)

    10. Final step click “finish”

    That’s it now you are ready to use INKSCAPE

    Install and setup on Linux based OS:

    1. Open up your terminal by pressing “ctrl+ alt+T”

    2. And type :
      sudo apt install inkscape

    3. Type your password

    4. Press Y (like they ask your permission to install Inkscape)

    5. :Let it install (it is will be done in it’s own)

    Here it is: now your system is ready for INKSCAPE

    For Inkscape tutorials go for this YouTube video, it might help you.