Date: 12-06-2021

GLUG PACE Codathon is part of the 3, year long events that is conducted by glug pace 2020. This event is not restricted to any branch. This event is for anyone who wants to develop skill in programming, or anyone who wants to improve their present skill.

Every alternate month there will be a coding test. Questions for the test will be either general coding questions or from a particular programming cocept. The topic will be revealed 2 days before the test, to give the contestants the time to prepare.With each test the difficulty will increase. Once the test is live participants will have a limited time in which they have to solve the questions. The deadline will be fixed based on the difficulty level of the questions. The contestants will be graded each month according to the grading system.

At the final month of the year, top 5 will be chosen based on their grades and they will move on to the final round. The final round will be a Coding Interview styled round where the participant will be required to solve the given problem live, in front of the judges i.e the Codathon committee. The participant has to explain the code and will also be asked questions so as to test his problem solving skills. The one who performs the best at the end will be crowned as the GLUG PACE Coder of the year 2020-21.

Grading System

Grading will be done based on the number of test cases passed, and the efficiency of the algorithm. Hackerrank grading system will be implemented. On the event of tie, code readability will be checked by the committee.


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  • Arkaan Sayed - +919591589769
  • Munavvir - +918129006296