Date: 25-02-2020

Venue: Multi Purpose Hall

Entry Fee: 30₹

The workshop will cover basics of using the Version Control System - Git and how to collaborate effectively on your projects using GitHub. Not just Git push and run but how to tackle difficult situations and how to find help.

Note: Bring your own laptops💻!

(You can also share, if you do not have a laptop)

Github Swags will be provided🤩

Event Trainers:

  • Vishnu Bhagirathan, GLug Pace Website Maintainer


  • Laptop Fully Charged (plug points will be available)
  • Git installed and checked on Windows/Linux/Mac Laptops.(optional)
  • Pendrive (optional)

Topics to be covered

  • What is Git & Why Use Git
  • Installing Git
  • How Git Works
  • Creating a Repository
  • Staging Files
  • Making Commit
  • Undoing Things
  • Branches
  • Merging Branches
  • Introduction to GitHub
  • Collaborating on GitHub
  • Forking (& Contributing)