Date: 12-06-2021

For anyone who want to engage in designing, or showcase your talent in it, GLUG PACE 2k21 is hosting TRYST, which is a year long event. This competition, along with CODATHON and BELLES-LETTRES, you are welcome to participate, regardless of your branch.

Every alternate months there will be a designing contest. Theme for the contest will be either technology related or from current affairs. The topic will be announced (depending on the level of work) prior the submission date and you’ll have to upload it before the due time.

The contestants are graded each month based on certain factors, mainly clarity of theme and layout. End of the year, the scores will be summed up and the winner will be chosen as the STAR OF TRYST.

Grading System

Marks will be given based on the following:-

Design elements Marks
Colour 20
Typography 20
Image size/Clarity 10
Content 20
Layout 10
Clarity Of Theme 10
Use of FOSS 10
Total 100


  • Harshika Shetty- +919834584833
  • Abdul Raouf - +919567651355
  • Jaabir B - +919048817661
  • Shaharvan - +918137013633