Date: 27-10-2018

Venue: Multi Purpose Hall

The workshop will cover basics of using the Version Control System - Git and how to collaborate effectively on your projects using GitHub. Not just Git push and run but how to tackle difficult situations and how to find help. The workshop will also cover the benefits of being an open source contributor and how to be an open source contributor. We'll be introducing some exciting offers from GitHub education for students, and to use it to build your knowledge on modern technologies, and how open source can shape your career.

Note: Bring your own laptops💻!

This is a Free community driven workshop 💯

Topics to be covered

  • What is Git & Why Use Git
  • Installing Git
  • How Git Works
  • Creating a Repository
  • Staging Files
  • Making Commit
  • Undoing Things
  • Branches
  • Merging Branches
  • Introduction to GitHub
  • Collaborating on GitHub
  • Forking (& Contributing)

Event Trainer's:

  • Musthaq Ahamad, GitHub Campus Expert | Community Lead - SOSC
  • We'll also have few more SOSC Community Lead's joining us!


  • GitHub Account - Use/Add your college Email ID to your account.
  • Laptop Fully Charged (plug points will be available)
  • Git Bash installed if you are on Windows
  • Git installed and checked on Linux/Mac Laptops.

Post Event Report

The workshop was a success, and had good number of participation from 2'nd years.

The speaker of the event, GitHub Campus Expert Musthaq Ahamad along with Afroz Hussain from SOSC had undertaken this event very nicely!. Musthaq had split the workshop into 3 parts.

* Introduction to Version Control using GitHub.

* Introduction to Open Source, Linux and CLI

* Intro to Git and Connecting with GitHub

Musthaq covered most of the topics, he also introduced participants to the Hactoberfest and at the end of the event Musthaq gave a challenge to all the participants on creating a Pull Request to one of his repository.

Overall the event went well!, Dr. Zahid Ansari (Dean R&D PACE) gave a memento as token of appreciation to Musthaq and team SOSC.

Photos of the event