Date: 05-10-2018

Venue: Multi Purpose Hall

GLUG PACE is organizing IGNITE 19 on 5'th October 2018 for the students of second and third year B.E in P.A. College of engineering. The speaker of this event will be Mr. Manikanta A Nayar, who will be handling the session and guide the students very well about FOSS(Free and open source software). And our beloved GLUG members gave a brief introduction about LINUX, FSMK, GLUG, free software and python. Overall the event was successfully conducted with a great support from our juniors, staff coordinators and the GLUG PACE members.

The event started with a brief introduction to free and open source software by Manikanta. He explained about the importance of open source software development in the current generation which was quiet inspirational. It was then followed by a feedback of the previous workshop conducted on Laravel and PHP under GLUG, given by Shahana Ankalgi. The current president of GLUG PACE, Sheik Mohammed Adil introduced the website developed by himself with the design help of SOSC team's website. There was also an interesting session of Group Discussion which included the 2nd year students to find a problem that everyone faces along with the solution. The event was concluded by introducing the core members of GLUG PACE.

Photos of the event