Introduction to Technology

Date: 01-09-2020

Time: 04:30 pm to 06:30 pm

Venue: Google Meet

When you throw yourself out there, great things happen. Computer Science is a very vast branch and deciding which part of it you want to pursue can be difficult. Attend this session to get a brief idea of the trending topics in the World of Technology. Find out where your field of interest lies! Join us on 29th August at 10am


  • App Dev: Arkaan Sayed
  • ML Enthusiast: Shayiz KP
  • Web Dev: Vishnu Bhagirathan
  • Game Dev: Wafa Mubarak
  • Cloud Dev: Ansad Ahmed
  • White Hat: Marzooq
  • IoT Enthusiast: Mubashir

👉Resources Used👈