Tech Treasure Hunt 2.0

Date: 26-04-2020

Venue: Internet

"This idea of, there's a locked door; how do you open it? You don't necessarily care what's behind it you're just more excited about opening the lock... It's not about finding the treasure it's more about defeating the puzzle."

  • Do you like breaking codes and solving ciphers?
  • Can you, and your friends, unravel the Tale of the Data Deception?
  • Would you like the chance to use your mathematical skills to win some great prizes?

Bringing back to you, the Tech Treasure Hunt 2.0

Here is what you can expect :

Retro Games

Visual puzzles

Code breaking



And more.


  • The Treasure Hunt consists of 4-5 clues, each one leading to the next clue. Each correctly solved clue carries 10 points. And final Treasure carries 50 points.
  • The Treasure Hunt is open for all.
  • The clues are to be found in a particular order. A person cannot skip a clue. Skipping a clue leads to disqualification.
  • After each clue is solved, inform any one of the coordinators.
  • Do not search for clues in off-limit areas.
  • A person may use smartphones or any internet devices (PC is highly recommended).
  • Do not move, tamper with or destroy any physical object.
  • And most importantly use your brain.


  • Notice the favicon image, It appears only on pages relating to the game
  • You could either use a key or a lockpick, but don't make any mitsake.
  • Come back on 26th.

The Event has successfully ended and we have the winner!


18s Batch
Electrical and Electronics Engineering