Date: 15-02-2019

Venue: Multi Purpose Hall

Enlightening the students about the scope of free software, merits of working on such projects and make them aware of #TechForDemocracy


Introduction to Cloud Computing and experience of the FSMK camp in the Cloud track. Live set-up of server if time avails (Handled by Mohammed Shakir and Ahmed Ansad).

Introduction to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, experience of the AI track in the camp and the importance of privacy (Handled by Mohammed Shayiz K.P, Vishnu Bhagirathan and Sharon M).

Introduction to Internet of Thing, live demo of a remote car and experience at the camp (Handled by Munawir E. and Mohammed Sabith O.K).

Side notes:

  • Why share the camp experience?
  • One of the main beliefs of the students are, only the nerds participate in all such activities. The fun and experience at the camp will to remove stereotypes.


The overall ambition is to increase the participation as well as spreading awareness on privacy and free software philosophy to the community and students

Post Event Report

The session was a success, and had good number of participation from 2'nd years.

All 3 track speakers presented their topics really well. The session was interactive, specially the part which Shayiz covered was interesting and felt almost everyone understood why they should be a part of GLUG.

In order to keep the session interactive or not so boring­čść, the members of GEM had organized a game where they had previously stickled chits having numbers from 1 to 100 under the seats of participants and a chit matching this number was randomly drawn, the person who's number matched had to perform a dare. Everyone completed their dare and had a lot of fun.

The session than continued and Shayiz spoke about the need of being a part of GLUG. We introduced GEM a sub group of GLUG PACE, which purely consists of creative minds of GLUG PACE.

Also we received many positive feedbacks from the participants regarding the session.

Overall the event went well!, and Prof. Hafeez told us about how our seniors used to take GLUG sessions and how we should also continue their legacy.

Photos of the event