Web Designing

Date: 22-02-2019


The workshop will cover basics of web designing, different fields of web development.

The workshop will start at sharp 9:00 AM (IST).

Topics to be covered

  • Introduction to web development.
  • Introduction to course (What we'll learn today).
  • Understanding basic HTML tags.
  • Design Fundamentals (CSS).
  • Introduction to forms.
  • Creating a portfolio website.

Event Trainer:

  • Sheik Mohammed Adil, GLUG PACE Lead


  • Laptop Fully Charged (plug points will be available)
  • VS Code or Sublime Text Editor for Coding.
  • And a learning mind.

Post Event Report

The continuation of the previous Web designing workshop was held. There were almost 50 students.

It started with a brief summary of what was done in the previous class. Then we drectly went to designing our own webpage.

We made the webpage from scratch using various pictures that were provided to us by Adil.

We learned how to section the webpage into different parts and create classes to style each of them in seperate way. All of this while making a responsive webpage.

The workshop concluded at 12:15 and due to lack of time the deployment of the website was not covered. It was decided to do that during one of the weekly non-tech sessions.